What are the application requirements?

Proof of high school and/or Bachelor's degree completion must be met by providing a high school diploma and/or Bachelor's degree diploma or its official functional equivalent.
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This requirement may be satisfied during your first term at UoPeople through the submission of:
1. official diploma (or transcript showing graduation) sent directly to UoPeople (either mailed or submitted online); or
2.  a photocopy of the original diploma (or transcript showing graduation) certified by a notary sent directly to UoPeople (either mailed or submitted online); or
3. the best evidence available, including a signed certification from the applicant regarding earning a diploma, a written explanation of why a diploma cannot be sent, and an attachment of the best evidence available.  Every case will be evaluated separately and it is at the university discretion to allow sending only the best evidence available. 
Applicants who are non-native English speakers, or did not complete their studies in an institution where the primary language of instruction is English, are required to provide proof of English proficiency. Should applicants be unable to provide proof of English proficiency, they will need to successfully complete a UoPeople English course before proceeding to UoPeople Foundations or UoPeople MBA Foundations.