What payments options are available?

We offer the following payment options:  Western Union, Western Union Global Pay, Paypal, Cashier’s Checks and Payment via MoneyGram.

A few notes regarding Cashier's Check (a check issued by a bank):

1. Cashier’s Checks must be issued in US dollars.

2. Cashier’s Checks must be payable to University of the People.

3. Your Applicant ID must be written on the Cashier’s Check.

4. The Cashier’s Check should be mailed to the following address: University of the People 225 S. Lake Ave. Suite 300 Pasadena, CA 91101 USA

Please make sure that all information on the Cashier’s Check (including amount payable) is accurate before mailing it. A Cashier’s Check with missing or inaccurate information will be shredded for security purposes and will not be deposited. Once your Cashier’s Check is cashed, your payment status will be changed and you will be notified accordingly.

C.WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS . Please do not send payments with any method other than those listed above. If you are not able to pay via the offered options, please contact payments@uopeople.edu for alternative options.