How can I pay to Transfer Credit?

You may pay the Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee in all accepted payment methods at UoPeople, besides wire transfer. Including:

PayPal – Transfer the money via your account to [email protected] - this is the ideal and simpler way to make the payment.


Other, offline, methods which may delay the process:

  • Western Union – If you wish to pay your Transfer Credit Processing fee via Western Union, please visit their website at:
    Once you have located the nearest agent to you, the payment should be submitted in full to Western Union, who will then transfer the money to the University.
    Please make sure the payment is being processed as “person to organization” and as a quick pay. After submitting a payment, the student should proceed by emailing
    [email protected] with the MTCN number and slip.


  • Money Gram - If you wish to pay your Transfer Credit Processing Fee via Money Gram, please visit their website at:
    On this site, please select your country and follow the instructions for sending money from a Money Gram agent in your location.
    Please be aware that this is not done through your bank, but rather through a Money Gram agent. You will be able to find a Money Gram agent location near you through the website we have provided above.


  • Cashier's Check - A cashier's check is a check prepared by your bank to University of the People, and then you will need to send it to the Office in Pasadena.