Are exams open book?

At the present, all exams are administered online and some may require a proctor (exam monitor). UoPeople exams are timed and it is recommended that students prepare for them in advance. 
University of the People students are required to successfully complete an appropriate number of 
proctored exams spaced throughout their program of study prior to graduation in order to verify the 
student’s identity as a condition of awarding a degree and diploma upon graduation. The University 
provides information concerning the availability of and requirements concerning proctored exams to 
assist students in registering for courses during the next terms where a proctor is required. 
Students select their own proctors; however, the proctors must be approved by the University and 
cannot be related to the student. An approved proctor is a reputable third party of integrity, but not 
another student at the UoPeople or a relative of a UoPeople student. For example, a proctor can be a 
local official, work supervisor, librarian, or a religious figure. Additionally, students may arrange for a 
proctor through a third party company or organization offering proctoring services, but students 
should be aware that they would be responsible for any fees incurred for this service. The hiring of a 
third party proctor is not required by UoPeople.