I need a scholarship.

University of the People is dedicated to opening access to higher education around the world for all qualified individuals who face various constraints accessing higher education.

For students unable to pay the Assessment Fees, UoPeople works extremely hard to ensure that no student of UoPeople is left out of higher education for financial reasons. Students are invited to apply for scholarships after being admitted to the university and completing a scholarship application form. 

Once you have been accepted to study at UoPeople, you will be given the option to apply for the scholarship. Please visit UoPeople website at http://www.uopeople.edu/tuition-free/our-scholarships/  for more information.

Several organizations have teamed up with UoPeople to create funds and help students pay for their Assessment Fees. Each fund is catered to a specific demographic and is open for the relevant population to apply. UoPeople works very hard to raise as many of these funds as possible in order to remain aligned with our mission of opening access to higher education and serving as many individuals in need as we can. In order to apply for a UoPeople scholarship, students must first complete their application and be admitted to UoPeople.